Age: 19
Height:  5’8                                                         
Weight: 210
Eye color: red
Hair color: deep red
Skin color: Sunkissed tan
Race: human
Social level: Royalty
Personality: Devastatingly spoiled child whose idea of a hobby is to collect rare things. Things being an object, animal, or human is up to his discretion. Often intolerable to mistakes he makes his short fused temper brilliantly displayed when he doesn’t get his way.
Abilities: Fire control
Family: the only son he is raise by his father and mother.
Past:  A mother who spoiled him nonstop with material possessions as a way to make up of not being able to raise him herself he grew to have carnal perception over his things. His father always too busy with the kingdom Anoi was a neglected son, which allowed him to do whatever he wanted without a watchful eye on him  or punishment.