Age: 17
Height: 5’5                                                                  
Weight: 140
Eye color: Purple
Hair color: Crimson red
Skin color: Pale Cream
Race: Human
Social level: Farmer
Personality: Strongly benevolent but naive on certain things. There is an awkwardness that only strictly appears when around royalty, leaving her to not be sure on how to act or respond properly.
Abilities: unknown
Family: only daughter of Marcus
Past:  Losing her mother at a young age she was  raise by her Father growing up alone on the farm she learn how  raise the farm and care for. Because of her eyes being different Marcus kept her shelter from the real world until in her teens where she inist to go to the market with him to help sell their produce. On the first day in the market moonlight was able to show her skills on selling the produce to young men and some older ones clearing the stand in half a day. Seeing this gift marcus takes her to the market when they need to sell the produce.