Kingdom: Fire
Location: Blanze Feura Keserd a.k.a Fire Desert
Climate: Most days hit 116 degrees easily while some nights drop as low as -5 degrees year round.
Terrain:  Part sand and part harden clay
Rainfall: 25 cm a year
Exports: They make most of their money from selling handspun glass items while also selling weapons, cactus fruit and slaves.
Imports: Water, pigs, cow, slaves and vegetables.
Agriculture: Cactus fruit, desert hawks, desert horses, lizards, desert deer, sunspiked apples, rabbit and sandroot. A place behind the kingdom there are trees that can only grow and survive in this over heated kingdom.
Light: Flames, oil, natural light and torches.
Allies: Air Mountain Kingdom.
Enemies: Water tundra, and Earth Forest.
Territory Line: The Red Desert.
Commutation: Smoke singles, and massagers.
Water source: Besides the royalty most get their water from merchants.
Population: 500
Broken down it's radioed about 300 fire, and 200 slaves.
Worship: Xineoph the fire Goddess she in one of the daughter of the great mother
Diet:  Peasant diet consists of mostly desert deer, lizards, hawks, cactus fruit and sun spiked apples.
Clothing:  Breezy fabrics with bellowed short sleeves and long pants during the day and long sleeve and/or cloaks. Soft sole shoes able to walk around easily in the sand.
Housing: Made out of mud, clay, and sand they create square shape homes.